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Monthly Archives: May 2018

  1. Why Aren’t PDMPs More Effective in Fighting Opioid Abuse?

    Every state outside of Missouri already has a PDMP in place, but issues with data standardization and differences in regulations inhibit their potential.

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  2. Patient-centric Technology Improves Quality of Care

    There have been millions invested in healthcare technology over the past 10 years focused primarily on improving the administrative efficiency of our healthcare system and providing greater access and coverage. Today, as the healthcare landscape changes and public policy is focused on quality, coordinated accountable care, and expanded emphasis on addressing chronic conditions, healthcare IT has had to grow with it and become more patient-centric to help achieve these goals.

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  3. Non-opioids Just as Effective as Opioids in EDs

    Despite these findings, the study authors reiterated that opioid analgesics remain the first-line treatment for moderate-to-severe acute pain in emergency departments. Data from 2006-2010 confirm that opioids were prescribed for 18.7% of ED discharges.

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  4. Drug Reimbursement Legislation Looks to Regulate PBMs

    Pharmacists, how many times have you seen a patient pay for more their medication than they should, all because you’re prohibited from telling them about ways to save money?

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  5. Here's Your Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Biggest Music Festival of the Year

    First come the music-festival Instas and Snaps, now come the juicy recaps. That’s right, get ready to slow-roll your (virtual) vintage VW Surfari back in time to a desert dreamscape populated by people in really good outfits posing against one equally photogenic ferris wheel

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  6. A Fun First Birthday Cake

    I find first birthdays particularly bittersweet, because I love and cherish the sweetness of that first year of life. I think back to those first moments when they were born, and I am utterly amazed by how much the sweet babies grow in just one year! And because the first year of life is so special, I always want to reflect those sentiments by having a birthday which is super magical and memorable (no pressure then!).
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  7. Two weeks with Wilkie

    Hello from baby love bubble land!! Oooh my goodness, you guys! The past two weeks have been the most wonderful, magical, sleepy, messy, happy, dreamy….! These really are the best moments of life, aren’t they? I haven’t opened up my computer for the past couple weeks, but I just wanted to quickly check in and say hello and share a little update of life with our baby boy.
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  8. Band of Boys: Paintbox Primaries

    We are so excited to share the launch of Band of Boy's new season PAINTBOX PRIMARIES AW18 collection

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  9. What’s Hot in the World of Kids Fashion?

    The term kids fashion is quite broad and everything that can make your kids look cools comes under it. However, it is used most widely to refer to two main areas of kids styling i.e. the hairstyles and clothing
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  10. Marie Puce new spring collection

    With Easter only a couple of weeks away, we just set up our traditional Easter tree. Normally I get some branches of pussy willow for this purpose, but this year we used the cuttings of our neighbour’s cherry tree that he kindly gave to us. They are blossoming so beautifully!

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