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Monthly Archives: June 2018

  1. And you, what do you celebrate today?

    The ceremony season is officially open! That’s awesome! It means we have to find the perfect outfit for our favorite kids. A trendy outfit that is also comfortable for our Original Kids to enjoy as much as possible the special events with style!

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  2. Best of burberry beauty

    Burberry is swiftly becoming one of my all time favourite beauty brands. The quite often premium prices are largely justified by the exquisite formulas, housed in equally exquisite packaging - a lot of the time complete with little luxurious touches
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  3. 6 summer shoe styles every woman should have in her wardrobe, by Tabitha Simmons

    Stylist-cum-shoe designer Tabitha Simmons has become a favourite among fashion circles, favoured for her feminine, glamorous shoes that feel as good as they look
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