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  1. Epic DIY Light Projects That Your Home Needs

    Colorful lights should never be limited to the holidays. You’re cheating yourself if you are only using special lights for Christmas. It’s amazing what a difference some fresh colors can make. They can give your home an extra boost of creativity all year long
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  2. How to Create a Dining Room in Small Spaces

    Everyone wants to enjoy a dining room, but not everyone has the space to accommodate a traditional one. Living in big cities means making sacrifices, and dining rooms are usually the first amenities to go. It’s the bathtub of rooms, since it routinely gets left out of many designs. Just because your landlord didn'y think it was necessary doesn't mean that it doesn't leave a mark. It's the most common thing renters miss, since they are reminded of its absence during every meal.

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  3. 3 Color Changes Every Home Needs in 2018

    When dealing with a cramped living room, a few tricks can make things seem more spacious. Instead of giving up, renters and home owners with
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  4. Occasional Table for Office

    Occasional chairs can be used in a variety of business settings to make an environment more inviting, endearing, and comfortable. Offices, retail spaces, restaurants, and more industries can make use of modern occasional chairs. They can add a touch of modernity, accent colours, or simply be a practical place to sit.
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  5. Learn How To Free Up Small Laundry Rooms

    Having a small laundry room creates plenty of challenges, but they can be overcome with the right strategy. Despite the media’s portrayal of spacious laundry rooms, people are confronted with a different reality when moving into an apartment.
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