Brazilian Treatment

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Brazilian Therapy Protein

Treatment r

ment that eliminates frizry hair, leavoe

shiny up to six month The use of this

back the natural strength and shine that e

enical treatments, sunshine, and polution


(1wash the 8T in Shampoo

blow dry hair up to with its moisture

minimum 50 to 60 mi on the hair starting tone

an applying BT Protein Treatment (2) ue the de o

estng to dry the hair.

Sat he straighteninE procedure by smail har troa a

utener not less than 230 temperature

e te hair to cool down for 20 to 30 minuts ut

anbe used to reduced timing,

re hair wel and apply 8T Protein Conditione dhba

eBRAZILAN THERAPY hair products 1 to 3b narc

plac procedure.

NGEDIDT Aqua, Glyosalic Acid, Cetvam

RG40, Hdroeenatet Cantor 01

enter fuert

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