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Cerita Eyelash Solution

Cerita Eyelash Solution

Cerita eyebrow cream


Stimulating hair growth cycle and eyebrows
Increase the blood supply and improve the nutrition of the eyebrows follicle due to peppermint extract
inhibiting the eyebrows loss due to the enzyme 5-alpha reductase because of nettle extract
Increase eyebrow thickness and strengthen it
Suitable for dyed, shaved, and tattoo eyebrows
No alcoholic base and avoid dryness in hair
Used for ladies and gentlemen
times daily (morning and evening) apply the right amount of cream on the brow and rub it on the path of growth, for a better result if use other creams or cosmetics on eyebrow, clean them first then use cerita herbal boosting and anti-loss eyebrow creams

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Cerita eyebrow cream with a variety of herbal extracts is a unique products to enhance weak eyebrows. This product works by inhibiting the loss of eyebrows and strengthen and stimulate re-growth, brings the beauty to eyebrows
The hair removing of Eye Brow and sometimes shaving for the long term due to physical damage to the skin which causing local inflammation and subsequently result local damage of skin and eyebrow. Hereditary and environmental factors also contribute to hair loss. cerita herbal anti loss and boosting cream has produces with advanced formulation and relying on herbal ingredients is a rich product in plant nutrients, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B6 to control hair loss and thickening of hair. The structure of cream in this product prepares the possibility of styling and forming of eyebrow hairs (in contrast to serum, gels, etc.). This product is easily absorbed into the skin and cause moisturizing, boosting and maintain the health of eyebrow. Besides, The blend of plants extracts and vitamins contained in this unique formulation has prepared the natural and essential metabolism for healthy skin and hair of eyebrow, also by improving peripheral perfusion can stimulate hair growth and guaranty the sensitive eyebrow root health. Antioxidant properties of this cream minimize the harmful side effects of compounds, so in addition to elimination of harmful agents, increases the effectiveness of other compounds in the formulation. Also, Cerita herbal boosting and anti-loss eyebrow cream leads to strengthen hair follicles and provides most favorable terms for the growth of new hair in the brow area. cerita eyebrow cream also has anti-inflammatory properties which by relieving inflammation treat the hair loss due to inflammation. This product is compatible with dyed eyebrows and don’t alter color structure and moreover reinforce it. Mentioned characteristics causes stronger and thicker eyebrow

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