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السعر العادي د.ك.‏7٫00 سعر خاص د.ك.‏5٫00

Gel-based comfortable lenses natural looking

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Lighten up your naturally dark eyes with Royal Lenses Label Shade-colored contact lenses. These lenses feature one, richly pigmented tone of color for a complete eye color transformation, that still looks natural. So you can pull off a brand new eye look - without looking like you're headed to a costume party!

These high-water-content colored contact lenses are super-comfortable, so you'll look - and feel - your best, through a full day's wear. And with proper care and cleaning, one pair will last you a full three months.

Face a full day's work or play with the confidence to shoot down anyone who tries to throw you Shade!

  • Pink Label Shade contact lenses in Grey are perfect for the most popular eye fashion of 2021!
  • Available in both non-prescription and myopia prescription (power 0.00 ~ -8.00)
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